where the ancient wisdom of the Yogis, Buddhists & Shamans meet in a modern way to guide you into embodying your truth, wisdom and freedom

The Shamanic Breathwork & Meditation Teacher Certification Course

Next live training Sept 22, 2022. If you're interested in joining a live group, please book your 15 min free discovery call here

The 8 Week Transformational Journey

Live group experiences are operating throughout the year.

If you're interested in joining a live group, please book a call here

Our programs are healing in nature, but more importantly, they are intended to compost the wounds of your past, and turn them into gifts of service.

Are you ready to step more fully into your soul purpose with fearless integrity and authenticity?

... to start living your purpose abundantly and be in service to a higher mission?

Our online courses highly engaging and dynamic. From self-study to working in partnership with your classmates to participating in live shamanic journeys, meditations and various other practical assignments, you will come out the other side stepping into the full power of who you are meant to become.

What some students have to say about our Transformational Shamanic Journeys

Chris Boys

Founder of Umano - Sydney, Australia

"Being a sole founder can be a very intense and lonely experience. To journey with the others in the program and to journey with Johnson, who has an innate ability to read where you are, is an incredible sense of community ,and feeling less vulnerable, but actually feeling elevated and strengthened through our shared experience.

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Maesha Chetty

Conscious Changemaker - Sydney, Australia

"I was going through a massive transition in my life. This was so pivotal in course correcting me...I needed these 8 weeks to dismantle the ego, archetypes, subconscious beliefs that were holding me back from stepping into my true power."

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Jayson Raffe

Entrepreneur - Sydney, Australia

"I've been wrestling with a number of paths for many years. And now I have clearer outlook on which direction I should take...Shamanic journey was like an education from the inside. I found that when you really drop in from that space, there's no doubt, that answer is the truest answer.

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Theresa Boyle

Life Coach - Los Angeles, USA

"I feel completely free from my inner critic. The biggest thing that I've overcome is doubt. Doubt in life, doubt in God and doubt in myself. Now that I've completed the program, I want to help other women who share my story."

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Stephen Fountain

Project Director - Singapore

"What I discovered about myself is that I was carrying a lot of trauma through my life that stemmed from experiences I had from when I was a child. And it was impacting the way in which I was interacting with my friends, co-workers and clients. Now that I've come through this journey, I feel so much more focused ... and I'm ready to write a new story and live a more authentic version of myself."

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Geeta Vara

International Best selling Author - London, UK

"What was keeping me back in my work was this debilitating fear of not being received in the right way publicly. I realised that a lot of these road blocks were coming from my childhood, culturally where Asian females didn't have a voice...This course has really empowered me as a conscious leader, author and wellness coach."

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